As a German general contractor, we are your reliable

partner for nearshore and offshore software development abroad.

Principles of agile software development

  • – Individuals and interactions
    over processes and tools

    – Working software
    over comprehensive documentation

    – Customer collaboration
    over contract negotiation

    – Responding to change
    over following a plan

  • Methoden



    Scrum’s approach to software development is empirical, incremental and iterative. Scrum embodies the values according to the Agile Software Development Manifesto.



    Kanban limits the number of parallel tasks and thus achieves shorter processing times so that problems – especially bottlenecks – can be visualized quickly.

    Unified Process

    Unified Process

    The Unified Process is based on the principles: use cases, architecture at the center of planning and an incremental and iterative approach. It includes the phases Inception, Elaboration, Construction and Transition.



    The V-Model is a process model in software development which not only arranges the software development process into phases but also quality assurance.

  • Technologien


  • Mobile Apps
  • Web Apps
  • Enterprise Software
  • UX-Design
  • Migrations
NavVis GmbH

Development of an application for an innovative IoT platform

  • Bluetooth integration
  • Fieldbus modules
  • Control wearable
Till Photonics GmbH

Embedded software for laser microscope

  • Automation
  • Manual testing
  • Penetration Testing
  • Regression
Salesphere GmbH

Development of a sales app

  • Continuous Integration
  • Production Release
  • Support Services
MH+P Consulting

Socializing App

  • IoT Plattform Development
  • Customer applications
  • API
Hersteller für Lichttechnik

IoT-App development

  • Speech recognition and processing
  • Machine learning
  • Training the processes
  • Deep Learning
Smaato Inc.

Adtag / SDK development

  • Autonomous Driving
  • Connected Car
  • Computer Vision /Car Sensors
IT Dienstleister für Autohersteller

Dashboard and mobile driver app

Site Selection

1. Deciding on a location

Together we determine the location for your software developers.

We have qualified development centers selected according to A.T. Kearney’s BestShoring approach. Based on your specific needs, we compare our BestShore centers and introduce you to the top 3-5 development centers. A joint evaluation will then determine the future location of your software developers.

2. Team selection

In the second step, specific resources for your project will be prepared. We leverage the internal potential of our BestShore Centers and complement it with targeted recruiting for your needs.

Service Management

What is
Service Management?

What is
Service Management?

As your German general contractor for software development, our local services ensure success and we task subcontractors abroad with the implementation.

Our Service Management ensures that our customer’s needs regarding international software development are met reliably and risks are minimized. Our primary goal is to always deliver the best service quality for our clients.


service-icon-Erfolhsfaktoren-04 service-icon-washabenSiedavon-03 service-icon-wastunwirfuerSie-01 service-icon-Zusammenarbeit-02

What do we do
for you?

What do we do for you?

Defining and planning a customized nearshore/offshore solution

Selecting and setting up the best available team

Continuous progress review meetings at project and management level

Solving problems with task completion and collaboration

Minimizing the risks involved with an international service and escalation management

Drawing up and managing the agreement (e.g. staff turnover, price adjustments)

Handling the financial aspects of all services provided


What will our
collaboration look like?

What will our
collaboration look like?

Frequent meetings (engagement, project management, reviews, one-on-one conversations)

You communicate directly with the developers at project level based on the selected methodology


What is in it
for you?

What is in it
for you?

– A local, German-speaking contact person
– Smooth collaboration with the foreign team
– Significant reduction of your own management effort
– Proactive mitigation of the risks associated with international collaboration
– Avoiding the minefield that is nearshoring through experience

Was sind die

What are the sucess factors?
Extensive experience in nearshoring and offshoring

Establishing and fostering cooperative business relationships

Raising cultural awareness

Agreeing upon a proven contract

Establishing and applying Best Practices methods


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